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Plastic Injection Mold Tool Making

Accent Tool can meet all your plastic injection mold tooling needs from concept and design through to fabrication and maintenance.

Accent Tool - Mold Fabrication

Click on the right to watch our video that covers the various aspects of creating a plastic injection mold - right from the initial CAD drawings to the final product.

(the video is under three minutes in duration)

Concept, Design and Engineering

Translation of Client Concepts into Production Specs

Production based Feedback on Design Elements

Evaluation of Engineering Drawings, Plastic selection, Manufacturability and Quality

Project Lifecycle Cost Savings Advice

CAD Rendition

Tool Production for

Single or Multi-Cavity

Complete Mold or Inserts only

With P20 or Heat Treated Tooling Steel for Longevity

In Aluminium for Cost Saving


Tool Room

A Complete and fully Staffed Tool Room

CNC Milling

CNC Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)

EDM Machine

Maintenance and Guarantee

Regular Tooling Maintenance and Minor Tooling Adjustments at no additional cost

A One-Million cycle Tooling Guarantee for Accent Produced Tools that remain under Our Care and Control