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Plastic Injection Molding and Mold Building

Accent Tool has set the standard for Excellence in Plastic Injection Molding and Mold Building since 1974.

Custom Mold Building

From Single to Multi-Cavity

Complete Mold or Inserts only


Plastic Injection Molding

30 to 300 Ton Engle Molding Machines

Short and Medium Run Specialist

Custom Coloured Resins

3-D Printing capability for Prototyping


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Mold v.s. Mould - Have you ever wondered which is which?

The short answer is that they are identical in meanings. They both refer to the process of injection molding/moulding, both refer to the trim molding/moulding around your home floors and both refer to the undesirable black fungus mold/mould. Mold is the American English spelling and Mould is British. Normally Canada adopts the British "ou" spelling like colour v.s. color ... but in the case of Mold/Mould Canadians have generally adopted Mold.